Welcome 2016!

Did you make resolutions?

While the new year is still fresh, take a minute to look back. Dive into your sleep, weight and activity data from 2015 to gain insights and help make this year your best yet.

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Average steps per day for the community

5 852 steps

logged in 2015

Number of steps per day

No data available


22 days

above 10,000 steps per day

Recommended device

Activité Steel

Automatic activity tracker

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Average frequency of weigh-ins for the community

10 times per month

Community's number of weigh-ins per month

No data available
  • 24 times Spring
  • 23 times Summer
  • 22 times Autumn
  • 24 times Winter

Recommended device

Smart Body Analyzer

Wi-fi Scale Tracker

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Average hours in bed for the community

7.39 hours

logged in 2015

Average wake up time

Average bedtime

8h 00h 6h 22h
No data available

Weekend and weekday sleep duration difference

  • 0 h 25 min Spring
  • 0 h 23 min Summer
  • 0 h 29 min Autumn
  • 0 h 25 min Winter

Recommended device

Aura Smart Sleep System

Wake-up Light and Sound System

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The average member of the community is :


Not only the dolphin is one of the smartest animals on earth, it's also an incredible athlete. Like the dolphin, community's activity is brisk and regular.
It is also smart enough to pay attention to its health by weighing
himself regularly. One bit of advice for 2016? Watch sleep. Deeper, more regular sleep can make you feel even better.

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