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I’m the Nokia know-it-all bot. Just like other Nokia products and applications, I was designed to assist you in your quest for a healthier life.

Peer review

Throughout the year in review, I will compare your data to the community’s data. But to better assess, I’ll be...

Comparing you to your peers:
Men, 30-50 years old

Before zooming into your data, let’s take a look at some key figures regarding your peers:

Your peers walked an average of

5 992

steps per day

Your peers weighed in once every



Your peers slept on average


per night

So, how’d you do in 2016?

How do you compare to your peers?

Scroll down and see how you performed

Let’s begin this review and
take our first steps with...



The facts

In 2016, you walked


over the 335 days you logged steps

Your activity routines

Now, here’s data on your yearly, weekly, and daily physical activity routines.
Be sure to click on the buttons below the graph to go from one view to another.


  • You

  • Your peers


Average number of daily steps

Your year

You were most active in April (15857 steps per day), and least active in February (6020 steps per day). Can you remember what happened during these months?

Your typical week

You’re most active on Saturdays (13587 steps per day), and least active on Mondays (9362 steps per day).

Your typical day

Your activity peaks at 8pm. Your peers’ activity peaks at 12pm.


Each year has its highlights. Here are yours in 2016!

Record breaker
45 463

steps on 2016-06-10

was your steps record in 2016. Well done!

Your peers’ average record is 19 037 steps

Air purifier

of CO2

were saved when you walked in 2016. Way to help out team Earth!

Your peers saved on average 178lb each



in which you achieved your goal. Is this making you think about 2017?

Your peers achieved their goals on average in 29 day(s) of the year

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Time to see what's next

Time to see what happened in 2016 with your…



The facts

Your average weight over the year was


In 2016, you lost 13.9lb.

Your weight trend

I crafted some additional fresh data for you. See how your weight varied over the year.


  • You

  • Your peers


Weight variation from the year’s average (in %)

Your highs and lows

Your weight was the highest in February, and the lowest in October. Can you remember what happened during these months?


Each year has its highlights. Here are yours in 2016!

Lighter than a feather

less than your average
on 2016-10-01

You were at your lightest on this day.

Your peers were the lightest on 2016-12-17

How often did you weigh in?

day(s) between each weigh-in

was your average weigh-in frequency in 2016.

Your peers weighed in on average every 7 day(s)

Seasons scale greetings...

is when you were most disciplined

and stepped on the scale 53 times

Your peers were most disciplined during Spring

Weigh better

Know your body. Know your heart. Take control.

Body Cardio

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Time to talk about your sleep. Keep scrolling!

Don’t go and take a nap just yet!
We are about to check out your…



The facts

In 2016, you slept

1 760hours

on the 235 days you logged sleep

Your sleep routine

How did your peers’ sleep vary over the months, and days of the week? I have the answer!
Use the buttons below the graph to go from a yearly to a weekly view.


Average bedtime, time in bed, and wake-up time (hours)

  • Bedtime

  • Time in bed

  • Wake-up time


Average bedtime, time in bed, and wake-up time (hours)

Your year

In February you stayed in bed the longest (8h34min), and in August you stayed in bed the least (7h13min). Does that surprise you?

Your typical week

On weekends, you stayed in bed an average of 8h16min. That’s 45min more than your average during weekdays!


Each year has its highlights. Here are yours in 2016!

Counting sheep or partying all night?

on 2016-06-10

was your shortest night of sleep in 2016. Ring a bell?

Your peers’ average shortest night of sleep lasted 4h26min

On your marks… get set... SLEEP!

to fall asleep

This is the average time it took you to start zzz’ing in 2016!

It took 07min on average for your peers to fall asleep

Off to Bedfordshire...

of your nights had over 7h of sleep

Did you know most people need at least 7h of sleep to be in good health?

Your peers reached 7h of sleep, on average, 50% of the time

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Now that 2016 is over, I could help you set some shiny new resolutions for the upcoming year.

What do you say?

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